Green Team

Greening The People’s Home

THE GOAL: Reduce Energy Consumption at the Mansion 15% by 2010 and 30% by 2014

  • Grounds keeping
    • Today: Using fuel-efficient equipment, water conservation, native plants, fewer chemicals, and soil nutrients.
    • The Future: Organic solutions and plantings to reduce the mansion’s carbon footprint.
  • Recycling
    • Today: Expanding existing paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum recycling program.
    • The Future: Compost food and yard waste and implement a recycled content purchasing policy.
  • Energy Consumption
    • Today: Replacing conventional light bulbs, using low flow fixtures and weather sealing and Energy Star appliances.
    • The Future: Incorporate solar energy; explore geothermal.
  • Education
    • Today: Mansion guests will witness use of new green technologies and learn what to do in their own homes.
  • Nurturing the Local Environment
    • Today: Greater use of hybrid vehicles and use of locally grown or organic produce.
    • The Future: Host a weekly Farmers’ Market on the Capitol grounds.

The Governor's Mansion Energy Goals
Date Energy Reduction Plan
2010 15% Reduction In Mansion's Energy Use by World Equestrian Games
2014 30% Reduction In Mansion Energy Use By Centennial Celebration